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Name Element


Origin and Meaning

Gold ornament, viking age
Gold ornament, viking age
Image by Wolfgang Sauber,[1]
License: Creative Commons, CC-SA

Germanic name element and New name element

See also GUD

Old Norse

gull = 'gold' [2] [3]

Old Swedish

gull = 'gold' [4]

Related Names

See Gulla and GylliR and Guldner


BRA see Gullbrá
BRITT see Gullbritt
DIS see Gulldis
EVA see Evagull
FINN see Gull-Finnr
FRÍÐ see Gullfrid
GERD see Gullgerd
HILD see Guldhild
ING see Ingull
LILL see Lillegull
LIS see Gullis
MAJ see Gullmaj and Majgull
MARI see Gullmarie
MOR see Gullemor
NY see Gullny
SOL see Solgull
VEIG see Gullveig
VI see Gullevi
VIVA see Gullviva
VÖR see Gullvor

First Element Forms

Gul- Guld- Gull- Gulla- Gulle- Gulli-

Last Element Forms



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