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Name Element


Origin and Meaning

New name element deriving from the name Maria and its variants [1]

See also MARR, MARJA

Related Names

See Maria and its related forms


AINO see Ainomaria
ANN see Annemarie and Marianne
AS see Åsamaria
AST see Ástmarý
BEL see Maribel
BJÖRT see Bertmarí
BRITT see Brittmarie
Cielo see Maricielo (Spanish)
CLARA see Klaramaria
EI see Eima
ELL see Ellamaria and Elma
ELS see Elsemarie
ENGEL see Engilmaría (Norse)
EVA see Evamaria
GULL see Gullmarie
GUNN see Gunmarie
HANN see Hannamari
HEID see Heidemarie (German)
HENN see Hennamari
HILD see Hildemarie
ID see Idamaria
ING see Ingemarie
INGER see Ingermarie
Isa see Marisa
JEN see Jennimari
KA see Karenmarie and Kamma
KAJSA see Kaisamaria
Ke- see Kemma
Kirsi see Kirsimaria
KUKKA see Kukka-Maaria
LEN see Marlene and Lenamaria
LILL see Lillmarie
LIN see Marline and Marilyn
LIS see Lisemarie and Marlies and Mix
LU see Marielouise
METTE see Mettemarie
MILLA see Millamaria
MINN see Minnamari
NETT see Marinette
ROS see Rosemarie
SALL see Sallamari
SANN see Sannamari and Marisanna
SARA see Saaramaria
SIV see Sivmarie
SOL see Marisol
Soledad see Marisol
TINA see Tinemarie
ULL see Ullamaria

First Element Forms

Ma- Mar- Mari- Maria- Marie- Mary-

Last Element Forms

-mari -maria -marie -marry -mary -marý


  1. Roland Otterbjörk: Svenska förnamn (1979)