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Name Element


Origin and Meaning

New name element deriving from the name Britta and its variants [1] [2]

Related Names

See Britta


ANN see Annbritt and Britanna
AS see Åsabritt
AUD see Eyðbritt
ELL see Ellabritt
ELS see Elsebritt
EVA see Evabritt
EY see Eibritt
GERD see Brittgerd and Gerdbritt
GULL see Gullbritt
GUNN see Brittgun and Gunbritt
HEID see Heibrith
HILD see Britthild and Hillebritt
ID see Idabritt
ING see Ingbritt
LILL see Lillbritt
LIS see Brittlis and Lisbritt
LU see Brittlouise
MAJ see Brittmaj and Majbritt
MARI see Brittmarie
NY see Brittny
ROS see Rosbritt
SIG see Sigbritt
SIGN see Signbritt
SIV see Sivbritt
SOFI see Brittsofi
SOL see Solbritt
ULL see Ullabritt
VI see Brittvi
VIOL see Brittviol
VÖR see Brittvor and Vårbritt
ÞOR see Torbritt

First Element Forms

Brit- Britt-

Last Element Forms

-brit -brita -brith -britt -britta -britte


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  2. Kristoffer Kruken og Ola Stemshaug: Norsk Personnamnleksikon (1995)