Finding The Perfect Name

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Finding The Perfect Name

The Name Finding Guide

Are you looking for the perfect name for your baby and could need some help? Do you have very few or too many ideas and have a hard time deciding and choosing?

The experts behind Nordic Names have created this Name Finding Guide which helps you to find the perfect name in 9 steps on 15 pages full of tips. By using it you will come closer and closer to the right choice: we help you to create your name lists, to get to know your individual name taste and to widen your perspective.

The Name Finding Guide is fun, easy to use and extremely effective:

  • You will have fun during the process even if you start with too many ideas or no ideas at all
  • You will find a name that both you and your partner love so you can stop arguing ;-)
  • You can stop worrying that there is no perfect name out there for you, because there absolutely is and the Name Finding Guide will show you the way
  • Besides finding names for a baby there are a lot more application possibilities like e.g.
    • finding names for gaming characters
    • finding names for characters of your book or short story, fanfic etc.
    • finding names for pets

Special Benefit: Download it once, and you can use the Name Finding Guide again and again!


Downloading the guide is easy and inexpensive.

The guide is downloadable in the pdf format. We have prepared two different versions (A4 and US letter) for you so that you can print it without any problems wherever you are in the world.

You can pay with credit card, via PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay and Microsoft Pay. The price is given in Euros (5.99), but you can pay in your own currency as well, e. g. USD (ca 6.30 at the moment). And, by buying this helpful guide, you help us keeping up the work on Nordic Names! :-) THANK YOU!

US letter format A4 format
Finding The Perfect Name Finding The Perfect Name