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Why is the name I'm looking for not on the list?

Nordic Names is still in progress, so new names are being added all the time. If you are looking for information about a name you cannot find on the lists, yet, you can use the contact form to send us your request. We will try to answer (and add the name) as soon as possible.

Please note that Nordic Names is about first names! So we will not add or answer questions concerning surnames.

Can you help me with Nordic surnames and place names as well?

We have planned to add a bigger surname section and a place name section in the future. Right now we still concentrate on first names, so please do not send us questions concerning surnames and place names.

I discovered a mistake. What should I do?

Tell us! Grammar and spelling of explanations and other text: English is not our mother tongue, so if you find any mistake, we will be very thankful, if someone told us so we can fix it. Meanings of names etc.: Most names we use today are very old and sometimes it is difficult or even impossible to find out their meanings. If there are different theories or even wrong guesses which appear very often in (bad?) name books, we will include those theories, only for your information. They are clearly marked though. If you find any different meanings anywhere else, please tell us and tell us about the source of your information as well. Thank you!

What are your sources?

We used (and still use) many books to find out more about names. The idea about stating sources on Nordic Names is relatively new, so it will take a while, until we have added the sources to each name. You can have a look at the full list of sources in the Bibliography.

Why are there names included like Adam, which obviously are not Nordic?

Nordic Names is about names used in the countries of Denmark (including Greenland and the Faroe Islands), Finland, Iceland, Sweden and Norway - both recent and previous. As many foreign names are used and have been used for decades or even centuries, they are included as well.
Foreign names which are very rarely used in the Nordic countries by people without immigration background, such as Mateusz, are clearly marked (no flag in the "usage" section) and only added if they are of historical interest or used by a very huge amount of immigrants.

If you want to search names of Old Norse origin only, you can go here

Can you help me with questions concerning genealogy?

We might be able to help you finding out the origin meaning of your ancestors' given names but we provide no information about genealogy on Nordic Names.

I have a question, but my English is not good.

You can use the contact form and send us your request in:

Sweden Swedish, Denmark Danish, Norway Norwegian*, Germany German, Finland Finnish*, France French* or Russia Russian*.

* If you write in Norwegian, Finnish, French or Russian, please tell us, if you would prefer an answer in English, Swedish, Danish or German.

Why don't you have a section about Frisian, Dutch, Low German and Estonian names? Aren't they Nordic as well?

Frisian, Dutch, Low German and Estonian names are often regarded to be Nordic as well and we plan to include a bigger amount of them in the future. Right now only names used in Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Denmark (including Greenland and the Faroe Islands) and Finland are included. Use the search box and look for e.g. "Frisian" and you will find some Frisian names used in the Nordic countries.

I have got some more information about a name than you give. Is it possible to add it?

Kindly use the contact form and tell us! Don't forget to give your sources. Thank you very much in advance.

Are you a professional onomastic expert?

I am not a professional but I have been studying the ethymology of names for more than 20 years. The information you find on Nordic Names is a collection and combination of information written down by name experts (see Bibliography). You will find my own theories as well in case I have not been able to find any other information or if I have a comment on the theories of the book authors. My own theories are marked: "Judith Ahrholdt: Nordic Names - www.nordicnames.de (2004-2022)".

I sent a message by using the contact form and didn't receive an answer. What's wrong?

Answering a request - especially if it's complicated - might take a while. As Nordic Names is only a hobby and we have got work and family and friends, it can take up to three weeks to answer a request (although we try to be quicker!).

We will not answer questions about surnames, place names and genealogy.

Is it allowed to use your information for own projects?

All name articles are written by me (© Judith Ahrholdt, 2004-2022) and the information comes from my sources or from myself.

Without my permission you are not allowed to

  • redisplay the content of Nordic Names on your website
  • print pages of Nordic Names for anything but personal use.

Without my permission you are allowed to

  • use the information of Nordic Names for your homework
  • display a few of the name definitions on your own homepage, but please link back to www.nordicnames.de