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Hello, my name is Judith, and I'm responsible for the content and the design of Nordic Names.

I have been interested in languages, especially the Germanic ones, and the etymology of words and names for many years. Through the years I have collected books and information, and the idea of a website about names from northern Europe arose back in 2003. I still enjoy the research - feeding the data base makes me learn new facts about names and languages every day, which is great. "When will you be finished with this internet site of yours?" is what I hear very often. Considering the huge amount of names which are still missing, all the existing name articles which have to be looked through now after the relaunch, and so many more ideas in my head, the answer is: Hopefully never!

If you want to reach me, the easiest way is to use the Contact Form. In case you have any questions concerning a name, I am keen to hear.

For technical questions, please contact our technical expert Malte.