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Name Element


Origin and Meaning

Germanic name element

(and New name element: In some of the younger combinations the name element could be taken from Ellinor/Arnor and their variant forms instead) [1] [2]

Old Norse

norðr = 'north' [2]

Old High German

nord = 'north' [2]

Related Names

See Nor, Norðan, Nórr, Norris, North, (Ellinor)


AGI see Anor
AGN see Agnora
ALF see Noralf
ANA see Anor
ANDR see Norander
ANN see Nordianna
ANU see Anor
BERG see Norberg (Norse)
BJÖRN see Norbjørn
BJÖRT see Norðbjørt (Norse) and Nordbert (German)
BORG see Norbjørg
DAG see Dagnor (Norse)
DAL see Nordal
DINA see Nordine
DIS see Nordis
E see Enor
ELL see Ellanora
FINN see Norfinn
FRID see Norfred
FRÍÐ see Norfrid
GEIR see Norgeir
GREN see Norgren
GRIM see Norgrim
GUNN see Norgunn
HAG see Hagnor
HILD see Nordhild (German) and Norhild (Norse)
IGN see Ignor
ING see Ingnora
JEN see Jennor
LAUG see Norlaug
LEIF see Norleif
LEW see Leonor
MAGN see Magnor
MAJ see Majnor
MANN see Norðmaðr (Norse) and Nordmann (German) and Norman (English)
MIN see Minora
MUND see Normund
NEL see Nellinoora
NY see Norny
ODD see Norodd
RAGN see Ragnor
RIK see Rignor
SIG see Signora
STEIN see Norstein
TUN see Norton (English)
UNN see Norunn
VALD see Norvald (Norse)
VEIG see Norveig (Norse)
VID see Norvid (Norse)
VIN see Norvin (Norse) and Norwin (German)

First Element Forms

Nord- Norð-

Last Element Forms

-nor -nora


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