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Most Germanic given names consist of two elements (= dithematic names): Eburhart is a combination of *eƀura- meaning 'wild boar' and *hardu- meaning 'hard', 'strong'. Thus, the meaning of the name is 'strong wild boar'.

Very early on, already in Old Norse times, many of the elements were no longer understood because they derived from archaic words, which were no longer in use. New combinations were created. The old name elements were combined much more freely than before. The meanings of the elements were not so important anymore. Some ancient rules were still followed, though, for example no rhyming, no initial vowel in second elements etc.

Due to this randomisation, the meanings of many names do not make sense if you look at the original meanings of the name elements. Gunnhildr, for example, consists of two name elements which both mean 'battle', 'fight'. So the etymologically correct meaning of Gunnhildr would be 'battle battle'. This, of course, can be interpreted in many different ways.

That's why no constructed "meanings" of dithematic names are given on the respective name pages. Instead, links to the name element pages are given.