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Name Element


Origin and Meaning

Ash Tree
Ash Tree
Image by 'AnRo0002',[1]
licensed under Creative Commons

Germanic name element

Old Norse

askr = 'ash tree' [2] [3] [4] [5]

Old High German

asc = 'ash tree' [5]

North Frisian

esk = 'ash tree' [5]

Old English

æsc = 'ash tree' [5]

In the figurative sense, the meaning could be anything 'made of ash tree' as well, e.g. a 'spear', a 'ship', a 'bowl' etc. And poetically it could mean 'man', 'leader' or 'horse' [5] [4]

Related Names

See Aske, Askr, Assa, Eskja


BJÖRN see Askbjörn (Norse)
HILD see Askhild (Norse)
LEAH see Ashley (English)
LIN see Askalín (Norse)
LÍN see Askalín (Norse)
RIK see Askrik (Norse)
VALD see Ascolt (German)
VIN see *Askwin (Norse)

First Element Forms

Asc- Ask- Aska-


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