Creative spelling

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Modern Names

A creative spelling is a spelling variant which is different from the common spelling of a name. Creative spellings are regarded to be unique, exotic and interesting to some people but to others they might just look like annoying misspellings of a name. Bearing a name with a creative spelling usually means that the person will have to spell their name whenever someone else is supposed to write it down.

Especially in Sweden it has been popular to use wrong accents on vowels in French names.

Please note that creative spellings in the Nordic countries might be the standard spelling somewhere else in the world! Krystyna is a standard spelling in Poland, while in Sweden, this seems to be a very extravagant and exotic spelling for Kristina which is standard in Sweden.

A creative way to combine two names is by CamelCase.

Historic Names

The reason for creative spellings in times of Old Norse, Old Swedish and Old Danish is the lack of spelling standards. Few persons were able to write. They tried to spell names as they were pronounced, but as there were many regional accents, the result was a huge amount of variation.