Book: Oxford Dictionary of First Names

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Title: Oxford Dictionary of First Names

Subtitle: Ideal for parents-to-be and family historians

Authors: Patrick Hanks and Flavia Hodges
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Year: 1990,2003
Language: English
Pages: 443
ISBN: 0-19-860764-4
Nordic Names shortcut: OXF

Index of Contents

  • Introduction
    • Scope of the work
    • The set of conventional given names
    • Given names in use over the centuries
    • Biblical names
    • Saints' names
    • Names of classical antiquity
    • Local cults and patron Saints
    • Names associated with particular religious denominations
    • Royal and aristocratic names
    • The Celtic tradition
    • The influence of literature, film, and popular culture
    • Surnames as given names
    • Other sources of given names
    • Masculine and feminine
    • Naming practices in different cultures
      • English coinages since the 17th century
      • Modern given names in America
      • Black names
      • Canada, Australia, and New Zealand
      • French names
      • Italian names
      • Names in the Iberian peninsula
      • German names
      • Names in the Netherlands and Belgium
      • Scandinavian names
      • Russian names
      • Polish names
      • Czech names
      • Hungarian names
      • Romanian names
      • Modern Jewish names
  • Acknowledgements
  • Bibliography
  • A Dictionary of First Names
  • Supplement 1: Common Names in the Arab World (Mona Baker)
  • Supplement 2: Common Names of the Indian Subcontinent (Ramesh Krishnamurthy)