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This name is used both as a female and a male name. See Carey f for the female version.


Sweden Swedish
Finland Finnish
Denmark Danish


Origin and Meaning

1) Transferred use of the surname derived from the place name Carew Castle in Pembrokeshire, and was taken to Ireland in the 12th century by followers of Strongbow, Earl of Pembroke [1]

2) Transferred use of the surname derived from the Irish patronymic Ó Ciardha = 'descendant of the dark one' [1]

3) English variant spelling of Cary [1]

Related Names

Carey Danish Finish Swedish


Finland - Finnish
Nominative: Carey
Genitive: Careyn
Partitive: Careyta
Sweden - Swedish
Nominative: Carey
Genitive: Careys

Earliest Documented Usage


No recent statistics trend found in databases for Carey.


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