Book: Old English Personal Names in Bede's History

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Title: Old English Personal Names in Bede's History

Subtitle: An etymological-phonological investigation

Author: Hilmer Ström
Publisher: C. W. K. Gleerup
Year: 1939
Language: English
Pages: 181
Nordic Names shortcut: STR

Index of Contents

  • Preface
  • Bibliography
  • Abbreviations
  • Introduction
    • Introductory: Scope and plan of the present inquiry
    • I. Beda Venerabilis
    • II. The manuscripts of the Historia Ecclesiastica
    • III. A survey of Old English personal names
  • Part I. Etymology
    • A. The compound names
      • Introductory
      • 1. Etymological survey of the elements of the compound names
      • 2. Classification of the name-elements with regard to meaning and function
    • B. The uncompounded names
      • 1. Etymological survey
      • 2. Classification of the names with regard to form
  • Part II. Phonology
    • Introductory
    • (i) Vowels
      • A. Vowels of stressed syllables
        • 1. Short vowels (West Germanic a, e, i, o, u)
        • 2. Long vowels (West Germanic a, i, o, u)
        • 3. Diphthongs (West Germanic ai, au, eu)
        • 4. Survey and discussion of some special phonological characteristics (WG a + nasal, breaking and smoothing, influence of initial palatal consonants, l-mutilation, æ > a / geminate + back vowel, back-mutation)
      • B. Vowels of unstressed and socondarily stressed syllables
        • Vowels in the composition-joint
        • Vowels at the end of the 2. element
        • Vowels of case-endings
        • Vowels of dervatives
        • Svarabhakti vowels
    • (ii) Consonants
      • Primitive Germanic w
      • Primitive Germanic þ
      • Primitive Germanic h
      • Primitive Germanic ƀ
      • Primitive Germanic ʒ
      • Primitive Germanic k
      • Simplification of geminated consonants
      • Assimilation
      • "Sharpening" of consonants
      • Metathesis
      • Loss of consonant
    • (iii) Latinization. - Orthography. - Dialect
      • Latinization
      • Orthography
      • Dialect
  • Part III. The Material:
    • Forms of names in the MSS M, N, C, B of Hist. Eccl; brief biographical notes on the bearers of the names
    • Appendix: Continental Germanic names in Hist. Eccl.