Book: Names in Focus

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Title: Names in Focus

Subtitle: An Introduction to Finnish Onomastics

Authors: Terhi Ainiala, Minna Saarelma, Paula Sjöblom
Publisher: Studia Fennica Linguistica
Year: 2012
Language: English
Pages: 287
ISBN: 978-952-222-387-6
Nordic Names shortcut: ASS

Index of Contents

  • Preface
  • Abbreviations and Symbols
  • 1. Theoretical Background to Onomastics
    • What is a Name?
    • Names in Culture and Society
      • The Many Functions of Names
      • Changing Names and Naming Systems
      • Categorisation of Names
    • Names in Language
      • Names and Appellatives
      • Meaning of Names
      • Name Typology
  • 2. Materials and Lines of Finnish Onomastics
    • Research Material
    • Research Tradition
      • Etymological Research
      • Cultural-Historical and Settlement-Historical Research
      • Loan Name Research
      • Typological Research of Toponymy
      • Sociolinguistic Research
      • Research on Urban Nomenclature
      • Diversification of Research
      • International Cooperation
  • 3. Place Names
    • Introduction to Place Names
    • Grammar and Semantics
      • Structure and Content of Names
      • Syntactic-Semantic Classification Model
      • Various Means of Name Formation
      • Variation in Names
    • Name Strata over Time and across Languages
      • Origin and Etymology
      • Name Strata across Languages
    • Urban Nomenclature
      • Official, Planned Names
      • Formation of Unofficial Names
      • Functions of Unofficial Names
    • Use of Names
      • Knowledge of Names
      • Children as Name Users
      • The Many Contexts of Use
      • Attitude towards Names
      • Other Functions of Names
  • 4. Personal Names
    • Introduction to Personal Names
      • Personal Names and Culture
      • Differences and Similarities in Naming Systems
      • Anthroponymic Typology and Terminology
      • A Changing Anthroponymy
      • African Naming Systems
      • Asian Naming Systems
    • Development of European Naming Systems
      • European Pre-Christian Anthroponymy
      • Standardisation of Christian Nomenclature in the Middle Ages
      • From Bynames to Hereditary Surnames
      • Name Giving Trends of the Modern Era
    • Stages of Finnish Anthroponymy
      • Old Finnish Naming System
      • Features of Medieval Anthroponymy
      • Name Giving in Finland between the 16th and 18th Centuries
      • Fennisation of Given Names during Russian Rule
      • Formation of a Modern Surname System
    • Given Names and Surnames in 20th and 21st Century Finland
      • General Features of Finnish Given Names
      • Principles of Name Selection
      • Popularity Change of Given Names
      • Name Day Tradition in Finland
      • Finnish Surnames
      • What the Law Says about Finns’ Names
    • Finnish Unofficial Anthroponymy
      • Unofficial Bynames in the Finnish Naming System
      • Bynames of Small Children and Schoolchildren
      • Bynames of Teachers and other Professional Groups
    • Naming Systems of Linguistic Minorities
      • Finland Swedish Personal Names
      • Sámi Personal Names
      • Personal Names in Sign Language
  • 5. Animal Names
    • Do Animals Use Names?
    • Cat and Dog Names
    • Cattle Names
    • Horse Names
  • 6. Commercial Names
    • Commercial Nomenclature as a Topic of Research
      • Names and Trade
      • Types of Commercial Names
      • Factors Taken into Account in Examining Names
      • Research Traditions of Commercial Nomenclature
    • Factors that Determine Name Giving
      • Laws and Guidelines
      • Commercial Objectives
    • History of Commercial Naming in Finland
    • Company Names
      • Structural Description of Company Names
      • Determining Language in Company Names
      • Semantic Description of Company Names
      • Social and Cultural Functions
    • Brands, Product Names and Trade Marks
    • On the Border Areas of Commercial Nomenclature
  • 7. Names in Literature
    • Names in Fiction
    • Translating Names in Literature
    • Finnish Literary Onomastics
  • Bibliography
  • Index