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Name Element


Origin and Meaning

Germanic name element

Viking swords
Viking swords
Image by viciarg,[1]
License: Creative Commons, CC-BY-SA

Old Norse

brandr = (burning) 'log', 'pole' [2] [3]
brandr = 'fire', 'torch' [2] [3] [4]
brandr = 'sword', 'swordblade' [2] [3] [4]

Old Saxon

brand = 'fire' [5]
brand = 'flaming sword' [5]

Old High German

brant = 'sword', 'swordblade'

Related Names

See Brandr (Norse), *Branda (Norse), Prando (German)


ADAL see Adalbrand (German)
ALF see Brandalfr
AS see Ásbrandr
DIS see Branddís
EY see Eibrand
GEIR see Geirbrandr (Norse) and Gerbrand (German)
GERD see Gardbrand
GUD see Guðbrandr (Norse) and Gotbrant (German)
HER see *Brandaharjaz (Norse) and Branheri (German); Herbrandr (Norse)
HILD see Hildebrand (German)
KOL see Kolbrandr
KRIST see Kristbrandur
LYD see Liutbrand
SIG see *Sigbrandr (Norse) and Sigibrand (German)
ULF see Brandulfr (Norse) and Brandolf (German)
VAL see Valbrandr
VI see Vébrandr
VIG see Vígbrandur
VILL see Willebrand (German)
ÞANG see Þangbrandr
ÞOR see Þorbrandr
ÞRUÐ see Brandþrúður

First Element Forms

Bran- Brand- *Branda-
Brönd- Brǫnd-

Last Element Forms

-brand -brandr -branðr -brandur
-brant -brandt


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