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-ette is a French diminutive suffix used to create diminutive forms of names.

In the Nordic countries, the final -e is sometimes silent as in the original French and sometimes it is pronounced. If it is not pronounced, Nordic spelling variants can be -ett and -et.

Creative spellings include -ét, -ete, -eté, -éte, -eth, -ethe, -étt, -etté, -étte, -etth, -etthe, -etthé

In Greenlandic, the ending can be changed to -áta, -áte, -athe, -athi, -atta, -atti.

In the Nordic countries, this suffix is sometimes added to Nordic male names in order to create new female names, e.g. Sørette.

A related form is the Italian suffix -etta.

List of Names with the suffix -ette